Rooney Looks For Nastiness as England Moves Forward

Rooney Looks For “Nastiness” as England Moves Forward

World Cup 2014 – England is Out!

By Charles Jay

There is no question about it – England has some trouble on its hands. And some soccer bettors at Vietbet are scratching their heads.

The Brits have now encountered World Cup elimination, as they have gotten off to their worst start in the tournament since 1958.

After losing their opener to Italy, England then turned around and lost a 2-1 decision to Uruguay to deal their hopes of advancing to the elimination phase a fatal blow.

Luis Suarez scored both goals for the Uruguayans, who reached the semi-finals of the World Cup last time around (2010).

If there was good news for England, it was that Wayne Rooney, who had never scored before in the World Cup, finally did so. But that goal, which looked like it might secure a tie, went for naught as Suarez rammed one home in the 85th minute of the contest.

Rooney Looks For Nastiness as England Moves Forward

Rooney is upset about the outcome of this World Cup experience, to say the least, and he thinks there may be a way to address the situation surrounding England’s ineptitude at the world level.

He thinks they need to get a lot meaner.

“I think you look at teams who have won the tournament over previous years and you can see the nastiness in them,” Rooney told reporters. “I think we need to get that in us.”

Rooney believes that England is a bit “too honest” in the way they play, citing, in a subtle way, fouls the Uruguayans may have committed that were “clever” and not necessarily seen by the officials. he thinks there is a time to “slow the game down a bit or control the game a bit more.”

As World Cup bettors are forecasting, there is the possibility that the transition could take place with the departure of two fixtures on the British team. Steven Garrard, the captain of this side, and Frank Lampard will most likely be retiring from international competition. and there is a lot of youth on this team. But Rooney is of the firm belief that one person who should survive all of this is coach Roy Hodgson.

“Roy has moved us forward in my eyes since the previous tournament.”

There is still one more order of business left, and that is the final Group D game against Costa Rica, which is on a magic carpet ride that has included victories over Italy and Uruguay. It is a last chance to save some face, but one has to wonder how much incentive England, with a couple of lame duck stars and a coach whose status may be uncertain, despite Rooney’s endorsement, may really have.

Still, as reflected in the World Cup betting prices at Vietbet, there is confidence that England will at least get out of this with some pride:

The World Cup
England vs. Costa Rica
Tuesday, June 24 – Noon ET
Belo Horizonte

Betting Odds – Handicap Line:
England -1/2, -119
Costa Rica +1/2, +104

Betting Odds – Moneyline:
England -116
Costa Rica +348
Draw +289

Over 2.5 (-110)
Under 2.5 (-105)

For the future, it has been suggested by members of the British press that to consistently campaign in the upper reaches of the World Cup, the national team needs genuine star players, as you’ll see present on many of the teams that are about to advance to the elimination round. And there is not all the confidence in the world that Rooney is that player.

In fact, it is further suggested that he is somewhat past his prime; that he is not the same player he was ten years ago, when he burst upon the world scene. While Rooney may compare favorably with players on, say, the U.S. team, or those he is about to face against Costa Rica, he is no Ronaldo, Messi or Neymar, and isn’t even in the same class as Andrea Pirlo of Italy or Luis Suarez of Uruguay.

So they’re kind of cornered.

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Rooney Looks For Nastiness as England Moves Forward
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World Cup 2014 - England is Out!
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