Online Blackjack Tips   Hunches are the Enemy

Online Blackjack Tips – Hunches are the Enemy

Online Blackjack Tips – First, Identify the Newbies

Online Blackjack Tips   Hunches are the EnemyThe next time you get to play blackjack in a brick-and-mortar casino, or even in a multi-player setting online, in a place, perhaps, like Vietbet, you may want to keep an eye out for the neophyte players at the table. How can you tell who they are?

Well, most likely they’re the ones who seem to take forever to make up their minds about putting forth a decision, whether it be hitting or standing, doubling, splitting, insurance, or placing their bets. Every different situation seems to present a whole new adventure for them – an adventure that comes with uncertainty and then leads to more and more uncertainty.

Online Blackjack Tips – Second, Identify Intuition and Feel Players

It is obvious that they have not trained themselves to know what to do in every given situation. Sometimes they “feel” that a high card is about to come out, and will make a playing decision accordingly. Or they “figure” a bunch of low cards has been played and that is the basis on which they up their wager.

This is not to say the player’s intuition is always going to be wrong. After all, what is it they say – even a broken watch is right twice a day? But the fact is, this system of guessing is not predicated on anything that is empirical. By definition, that philosophy will not yield positive results in the long run.

Online Blackjack Tips – Third, Understand That Hunches Will Not Win in the Long Run

Making a decision based on a “hunch” is nothing more than foolhardy. There exists a pre-determined approach, known in the game as a “Basic Strategy,” that presents the mathematically correct decision for every possible situation that can be encountered in a blackjack game. This is one area where you are going to find blackjack differs from poker. You see, at a poker table, there may be any number of moves that can work in a situation, and their degree of success depends upon several factors that have little or nothing to do with the composition of the deck. Things like how good your opponents are, and how THEY are going to react in any given situation.

In blackjack, there is one move, and one move only, that is mathematically appropriate for any given set of circumstances. As a result, as far as the most conscientious player is concerned, the decisions regarding hitting, standing, doubling and splitting become a reflex action, and the player can concentrate on other important things, like money management. So ditch the deep thought – there are no hunches necessary.

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Online Blackjack Tips   Hunches are the Enemy

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By Charles Jay

Online Blackjack Tips   Hunches are the Enemy
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Online Blackjack Tips from Vietbet | Hunches are the Enemy
In blackjack, there is one move, and one move only, that is mathematically appropriate for any given set of circumstances.