VietBet Rules

As you would expect with an online sportsbook with so many programs and offerings, Vietbet has great resources spelling out rules and guidelines.  Visit Vietbet today to learn about this and more.

VietBet Rules

With the enormous amount of events to bet on at Vietbet, it’s important to understand that each sport can be unique when it comes to wagering. The following highlights wagering rules for the particular sports available to bet on at the Vietbet Sportsbook:

Sports wagers may range from a minimum of $0.50 to a maximum of $5,000. Vietbet reserves the right to reduce or exceed these limits at any time on any wager.

The maximum payout on a parlay, teaser, IF wager, or RIF chain is $150,000. With prior approval, accounts may be tagged for unlimited parlay payouts on all selections. By choosing this option, the account will not be eligible for any bonuses.

Proposition bets must have all participants involved in wager play for action. Routine starting players must start the game for action.

Special propositional wagering offerings available for events or shows, not related to statistics in game logs, related to the Superbowl, NBA Championship, World Series, or any other major event will be graded upon Management’s discretion based on digital recordings made of live television broadcasts.

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Vietbet Rules
Vietbet rules are intended to define the Terms and Conditions that apply to all wagers accepted by Vietbet and on any website powered by Vietbet sportsbook.