Slots   A Brief History of the Game: Part 1

Slots – A Brief History of the Game: Part 1

Slots – It’s More Than Just a Device

Slots   A Brief History of the Game: Part 1Today, slot machines are commonly recognized as a symbol for gambling; they are known on sight. Slot machines are also a popular item in the possession of avid gaming collectors and the general public.

It’s more than just a device; it has become a cultural phenomenon. After all, everyone knows what a slot machine is.

So how did the slot machine come to be, and what made it that way? We thought that Vietbet customers who enjoy action at the five different casino options might enjoy reading a little story about it, so here it is:

And to tell it, we have to go back all the way back to the 19th Century.

Slots – The First Machines

Sittman and Pitt, a company located in Brooklyn, New York developed a machine in 1891 that contained five “drums” with fifty card faces. The devices gained a lot of popularity around New York City, and prizes were given out to winners on an arbitrary basis because no money was paid out of the machine. In reality, this was more like a forerunner of the video poker machine than future slot machines.

The slot machine, according to most reports, originated in San Francisco in the mid-1890s. Its inventor was Charles Fey, a mechanic who worked on the machine in his shop. Reportedly the San Francisco Chronicle actually documented a demonstration Fey made for his new machine back in 1887.

Slots – History Of The Term

The term “slot machine” was coined for it, if you pardon the pun; this brought a little bit of confusion since that was also the word used for an automated vending machine. Eventually, however, the name was exclusively used for gaming devices.

The three-reel slot machine was originated by Fey. Each of these reels had ten different symbols on them, including spades, diamonds and hearts that were derived from card decks, in addition to horseshoes and bells. On each of the reels, there was a cracked Liberty Bell symbol. That gave it the moniker of the “Liberty Bell” machine.

When the player put a coin into it, and the arm handle was pulled, the machine went into motion. The reels then stopped automatically after a number of spins, and the symbols that appeared on the center “line” would determine whether the player was a winner or a loser. The object was to achieve three Liberty Bells in a row, and at that point, the payoff would be 50 cents.

Online Slots – The Game Has Come a Long Way

Slots have come a long way since then. When you’re online you’re not pulling a handle, but instead pushing a button. There are incredible features to take advantage of, in order to make your session more interesting.

And the state-of-the-art is the internet-based Real Series, which were developed by Real Time Gaming and available at the fabulous Grand Casino at VietBet.

Then there are the 3D slots, which combine the elements of the traditional slot machine – like the one Charles Fey invented – with a rich graphic experience. It will change the way you look at slots.

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Slots   A Brief History of the Game: Part 1

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By Charles Jay

Slots   A Brief History of the Game: Part 1
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Slots have come a long way since they were first invented in the 1890's. When you're online you're not pulling a handle, but instead pushing a button.