Super Bowl 50 Betting Preview – Cam Netwon Presents Headaches For Broncos

Super Bowl 50 Betting Preview – Cam Netwon Presents Headaches For Broncos

By Charles Jay

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You don’t have to be an older fan of the NFL to remember when Cam Newton first came into the league. This was a guy who had left the University of Florida because it was, seemingly, committed to Tim Tebow at the quarterback spot. At Auburn he played in their spread option system with a certain degree of brilliance, winning the Heisman Trophy in his one and only year there after starring in the junior-college ranks, and he added a national championship to boot. He came out of the blocks fast with a 400-yard effort in his pro debut, and looked to be setting a new standard for quarterbacks when it came to rushing the football. But as Vietbet customers know, he picked up a reputation for being just a tad selfish, and his leadership abilities were something his Carolina Panthers teammates were not altogether sold on.

But as we know by now, times have changed. Newton has gone through some sort of a transformation, and his game has really refined itself. Once a quarterback who got “happy feet” in the pocket, he now is equally comfortable in a dropback situation or with a designed run, and those are two of the things that can potentially befuddle the top-ranked Denver Broncos defense when they play the Super Bowl, this Sunday at 6:30 PM ET at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA.

On Saturday, Newton is expected to be named the NFL’s Most Valuable Player, but the coronation will really be complete if he can lead these Panthers, who are 17-1 straight-up at the moment (13-5 ATS) to a world championship.


In the Super Bowl betting lines posted on this game by the people at Vietbet, Newton and is team are the favorites:

Carolina Panthers -5.5
Denver Broncos +5.5

Over 44.5 points -110
Under 44.5 points -110

Super Bowl 50 Betting Preview – Cam Netwon Presents Headaches For Broncos

You can obviously see the progress through the years, and it has been moving in the direction of making him a more efficient operator overall. Newton had a career-high in passing yards in his rookie season, with his only total over 4000 (4051, to be exact). But he threw 17 interceptions, and those kind of mistakes are not at all unexpected for a rookie passer. Now in his fifth season, he has thrown touchdowns on 7.1% of his passes, which is by far his career high, and the 35-10 ratio of touchdowns to interceptions would be outstanding by anyone’s measure. In his last ten he has been sizzling, with 24 TD’s and two INT’s. He is not a “dink and dunk” passer, so that figure of 59.7% completions, which would seem low for this era, needs to be looked at in the proper perspective.

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It is what he can do with his feet that is potentially very damaging, as Vietbet patrons are well aware. As a rookie, Newton had 706 yards and 14 rushing touchdowns, which set an NFL record. He has been relatively steady in terms of his average per carry, which was over five yards for his first four seasons, although he has been through some injuries and has certainly gone through that period where coaches have tried to discourage him from running the ball too much. But in this NFL season he set a career-high four attempts with 132 and scored ten touchdowns. With his size (6-foot-5, 250 pounds), he is a load to take down, and in that way a much different proposition than the likes of Michael Vick or Russell Wilson before him. So the Broncos will not be facing a guy who is looking to “scamper” against them, but rather someone who can run over people.

By the same token, he is indeed elusive, and that is going to present a real difficulty for Denver defense that led the league with 52 sacks, but witnessed only 44 rushing attempts by opposing signal-callers. Clearly their pass rushers never encountered anything like this.

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Super Bowl 50 Betting Preview – Cam Netwon Presents Headaches For Broncos

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Super Bowl 50 Betting – Cam Newton Headache For Broncos
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