MLB Betting   Cards Dump Scouting Director as Investigation Continues

MLB Betting – Cards Dump Scouting Director as Investigation Continues

By Charles Jay

Scouting directors for teams with the best record in baseball don’t often get fired in the middle of the season, so there would be little question as to whether the move the St. Louis Cardinals just made in canning Chuck Correa is directly related to the current federal investigation into certain Cards’ officials hacking into the database of the Houston Astros.

As Vietbet customers know, there was reportedly some animosity among the Cardinals’ brass when Jeff Luhnow, who had headed up the scouting department in St. Louis, bolted to join the Astros as general manager, and there was also some suspicion that he had taken some sensitive information with him. We have not heard a lot about that part of it.

MLB Betting   Cards Dump Scouting Director as Investigation Continues

Correa was originally hired by Luhnow for the Cardinals, and at least according to his own words, he did indeed once hack into the Astros’ database, but that was because he suspected Luhnow had taken some proprietary data with him. There is evidenced that this was done a few months after Luhnow left for Houston, and the FBI traced it to the site of the Cards’ training camp in Jupiter, FL. Naturally, as Vietbet customers know, that was going to arouse suspicion. The Cardinals never denied that a hacking job had been done, and that it came from their end, but vehemently denied that anyone had officially ordered it.

Correa’s attorney, Nicholas Williams, denies that his client did anything illegal, and that the thrust of the investigation should really center around what Luhnow may have done with regard to “hacking” from the Card before he left, as well as who in the Astros’ organization “authorized, consented to, or benefited from that roguish behavior.”

The most interesting part of all this for MLB bettors is what might eventually play out on the field. Clearly the Astros, under Luhnow’s stewardship, have affected a major turnaround, and they now lead the pack in the American League West. The Cardinals have a substantial lead in the NL Central, and they have the highest winning percentage in either league. In fact, they are the only team playing .600 ball, and they are the favorites to win the NL Pennant at Vietbet. .

Houston took a lot of guffaws from baseball fans and establishment for its radical use of analytics, as it was spearheaded by Luhnow. But not only do they have things going their way, they also has as deep a supply of minor league talent as exists. One of their #1 overall selections, Carlos Correa (no relation to Chuck, as far as we know), a shortstop, just reached the big club and was named the AL Rookie of the Month.

And so now the possibilities exist that these teams could meet in the post-season, and the only place that could happen is the World Series. Recently, they have been priced at +3375 to play against each other in the Fall Classic, according to the MLB betting odds posted at Vietbet, where you can get a virtual plethora of baseball betting options, in addition to reduced juice on games. They also allow you to make deposits using Bitcoin, so get on board today!

MLB Betting   Cards Dump Scouting Director as Investigation Continues
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MLB Betting - Cards Dump Scouting Director as Investigation Continues
A quick discussion of the firing of St. Louis Cardinals' scouting director Chuck Correa, which has spiked the interest of MLB Betting customers.